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further in their laudations of the kindly spirit of the natives than did Doctor Bronson. CHAPTER VIII. SIGHTS IN THE EASTERN CAPITAL OF JAPAN. To see the whole of Tokio is a matter of no small moment, as the area of the city is very great. There seems to have been no stint of ground when the place was laid out, and in riding through it you find whole fields and gardens so widely spread that you ca

n readily imagine yourself to be in

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the rural districts, and are rather surprised when told that you are yet in the city limits. The city is divided into two unequal portions by the Sumida River, and over this river is the Nihon Bashi, or Nihon Bridge, which is often called the centre of Japan, for the reason that all the roads were formerly measured from it. It has the same relation to Japan as the famous "London Stone" has to England, or, rather, as the London Stone had a hundred years ago. VIEW OF T




From the railway station our travellers went to the Nihon Bashi, in order to begin their journey from the centre of the empire. A more[Pg 116] practical reason was a desire to

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ey would get a good idea of the extent of the city by taking this route, and would obtain numerous glimpses of Japanese street life. They found the streets full of people,

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and it seemed to the boys that the whole population must be out for an airing. But the Doctor informed the

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m that the sight they were witnessing was an every-day affair, as the Japanese were essentially an outdoor peo

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ple, and that many of the industries which in other countries would be conducted under a roof were here seen in progress out of door

s. The fronts of the Japanese houses are quite open to t

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